Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Not all vampires rise as the sun falls.  The Upior is an exception to the rule but is just as terrifying as it's brethren.  
The Upior or Upier is a vampire of Eastern Slavic folklore and may be where our word vampire comes from. This should not be confused with the Upir, Upyr, or Upour as they are different legends. This particular breed varies a bit from the vampire we know and love as it sleeps most of the night and arises between noon and midnight (not unlike most teenagers on a weekend). This version of the vampire is known for it's amazing thirst for blood that can never be quenched (the Upior even sleeps in blood). It consumes it's victims blood through its sharp menacing barbed tongue. When burying a family member that is feared will return as one of these fierce creatures, the family would place the body facing down and place crosses made of willow under each arm pit and under the chest.  

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